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10 Works of Art That Celebrate Love

It’s time to fall in love with art again. Like a love song or a beautiful poem, some paintings depict the world of romance just right. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite love-inspired pieces, celebrating passionate works from both famous and unknown artists.

The Kiss

Klimt’s most famous piece, The Kiss was originally crafted with gold leaf in 1907 at the height of his Golden Period. It’s known the world over as a symbol of romance and love, and this print is a classic, sexy piece of art that will make any room shine.

A Paris Kiss

There’s nothing more romantic than the City of Love. Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Parisian way with A Paris Kiss. With its pop of red and beautiful bokeh lights, it will take you right to the Eiffel Tower for an amorous embrace on a rainy day.

Little SpoonersTrue love starts here. Norman Rockwell is the king of sweet and wholesome Americana, and Little Spooners is a quintessential piece that celebrates puppy love. It’s the most adorable and whimsical way to bring some pint-sized love to your wall.


Fun, colorful, and contemporary. Kiss is a beautiful print that has all the boldness of graphic design, with a nostalgic retro look that’s truly lovely. It’s a romantic piece that carries pop art power long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Days End Duo

This piece shows you what your love has to look forward to. It’s an idyllic image of a peaceful, breezy day on the beach. Hang it in your home and you’ll always have something to carry away your imagination, reminding you of the beautiful vacations to come.

Untitled, C. 1988

When we think of art that celebrates love, Keith Haring‘s Untitled, C. 1988 can seem a bit ubiquitous to us now. But in the 80’s, he pushed boundaries and comfort zones with work that was both simple and deeply complex at the same time.

A Pair of Lovers

Vincent van Gogh never had his own romance, which is perhaps why he was so enraptured by the small scenes of intimacy he came across on the banks of the Rhône River in Arles, France. These two lovers, captured from behind, stroll lovingly along, with no idea they’re about to be the subject of a masterpiece.

Mr Deer And Mrs Rabbit

Some love transcends every boundary. Celebrate your differences the whimsical way with this animal-inspired print. Buttoned-up Victoriana meets the simply silly, making this print an adorable way to celebrate the quirkier side of your love.

Dance Me to the End of Love

Named for the 1985 Leonard Cohen single, Dance Me to the End Of Love is a haunting, semi-surreal depiction of dancers on the beach. Scottish painter Jack Vettriano has also created two other works inspired by Cohen: Beautiful Losers and Bird on the Wire. If you’re a Cohen fan, or simply a dancer, this romantic print is the perfect piece.

The Lovers

Keep your kisses under wraps with Les Amants, also known as The Lovers. Réne Magritte is one of the best-known surrealist painters, and this is one of his best-known masterpieces. Magritte loved to obstruct the human face, creating mystery from something so well-known. Les Amants is a dreamline and sophisticated way to add some love to the wall.

What’s your favorite work of art that celebrates love?

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