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5 Questions With… Danielle Sciocchetti

“5 Questions With…” is a new feature where we ask Art.com team members to discuss some VERY important topics. Today we have Danielle Sciocchetti.

  1. Who is your favorite artist and why?
    I tend to be drawn to photographers, and there are so many that I love – Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, Francesca Woodman,Tina Modotti. I have such an admiration of street photographers and photographers who capture compassion and draw empathy for people on the fringes of society. I am also obsessed with Yoshitomo Nara. I just saw my first exhibit of his at the Pace in New York (the Thinker exhibition), and was blown away by the amount of detail in what seems like such simple paintings. I can’t tell you how much time I spent just staring at his paintings, in awe of the subtle detail and the way he works with color.  His subjects, which seem so innocent, young and naïve upon first glance, are actually quite strong and one might say aggressive or even at times angry, and seem to have an otherworldly knowledge or insight beyond their years. He is able to use simplicity to capture so many levels of emotion and feeling. 

    Roses, Mexico City, 1924 by Tina Modotti
  2. What is your “guilty pleasure”?
    Karaoke, although I don’t know that I would call it guilty – I have no guilt in my love of singing in front of strangers, and try to do it at least once a week. I also love TV shows that highlight any type of surgery or mystery diagnosis type themes (much to the dismay of my husband). 
  3. What inspires you?
    My roller derby league – they are such an empowering, positive influence in my life. Through roller derby and interacting with the roller derby community, I have learned how to face my fears, push my physical and mental limits, and work on weaknesses rather than letting them defeat me. The women of my league are so strong and resilient and inspire me to push myself to be my best in everything I do. 

    Roller Derby Roll Out print by Color Me Happy
  4. What karaoke song can you sing without help from the monitor?
    Ummmmm…far too many (see the answer to question two, LOL)!

    Danielle’s posters
  5. What is the one home decor item you can’t live without?
    Wall art, specifically music/band posters. My husband and I are concert/band poster junkies – we are constantly framing and switching out our wall art to showcase new cool artwork for the various bands we love. Music is such an important part of our lives, and we take pride in expressing it through the art we share with our friends when they visit our home. 


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