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3 TV Shows That Give Us Art Envy

Fashion on TV gets oodles of attention, but what about the art? Not only does set design cast the mood of a room, but it often inspires the overall look and feel of a show for seasons to come.

Aside from stellar scriptwriting, ‘Mad Men,’  ‘New Girl,’ and ‘Empire’ have all wowed us with their award-winning décor and addicting nature. Shop art inspired by the shows to get similarly star-worthy looks at home and indulge in your favorite show amid a living room that rivals what’s on screen!



From Megan Draper’s bohemian bungalow in Laurel Canyon to artful agency offices in New York City, we’re all in when it comes to this show’s spectacular art and décor.

Featuring a Jackson Pollock and gold + white home décor.

Get the look with your own Jackson Pollock

White Over Red and Blue and Grey, c. 1962 wall art artwork by Mark Rothko

Try a few abstracts side-by-side: “White Over Red” and “Blue and Grey, c. 1962” by Mark Rothko


Leave Me Be Wall Decor home accessories metal decor wall hanging

Add a dash of ‘Mad Men’ glam with the Leave Me Be Wall Décor Piece



Jess and the gang may not have life entirely figured out, but they definitely score high in the home décor department. Who wouldn’t want to live in their casually charming apartment?

Kitschy Gallery Wall, Art.com Blog

Design your own gorgeous gallery wall with a mix of florals, colorful patterns, and quirky prints in a range of frame styles and colors. Small art home decor wall gallery

Get the look: “Pink Feather” by Rebecca Peragine, “Blue Lotus Flower,” “Warbler, 1827” by John James Audubon, “Zigzag Pattern in Tropical Colors” by Tukkki, “Coastal Relic I,” and “Double Popsicle Melting” by Pop Ink. 

Scientific framed wall art home decor

Get the look: “Small Antique Fern III” and “Ad for Lane’s Imperial Sugar Beet.” 

‘New Girl’ character Jess fills the wall above her desk with vintage botanical illustrations. Don’t you just love these? They look like they were plucked straight out of a classroom or newspaper circa 1975!



Home décor look inspired by Empire TV show.

Some are calling ‘Empire’ the new ‘Dynasty’ due to its heavy drama and high-impact plot twists. We call it fabulous because of its art!

Basquiat framed wall artGet the look with your own Jean-Michel Basquiat (above) and Kehinde Wiley (below). 

Kehinde gold framed wall art


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