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In A Single Moment All Her Greatness Collapsed by Agnes Cecile art print by Agnes Cecile

In A Single Moment All Her Greatness Collapsed by Agnes Cecile

Era Late 1800s
Known Names Abstract Art
Nonrepresentational Art
Influencers Wassily Kandinsky
Jackson Pollock
Esphyr Slobodkina
Mark Rothko
Robert Delaunay
Address NA

Top Picture: Blue Lagoon by Ursula Abresch

Abstracts are a type of art that does not have any figurative representation. This type of art may include objects, scenes, or people that are represented inaccurately or figures that do not resemble anything.


By the end of the nineteenth century, most art depicted reality with accuracy. This is called representational art. Artworks were straightforward, and the figures in them were easy to identify. During this time, artists wanted to express themselves in a unique way. This led to the rise of Impressionism. Artists then began to abandon the convention of imitating what they see around them, leading to the rise of Abstracts. Wassily Kandinsky and Robert Delaunay were among the early pioneers of the movement. They were known to be among the first who experimented with shapes, symbols, and colors. Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock made Abstract art popular among artists and collectors. Rothko’s art was known to be simple, yet powerfully meditative. An example of his work was a painting called Dark Brown and Grey. Jackson Pollock, also known as Jack the Dripper, was known for creating intriguing paintings by dripping and splattering paint on a canvas. Abstract art includes two styles. The first style involves the representation of reality in a distorted way. This distortion may include exaggeration of sizes or colors. An example of this is Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which features female figures that were painted with very little detail. The second style involves creating figures which do not resemble anything or figures composed of simple geometric shapes. An example of this is Tableau I by Piet Mondrian. It is a painting that only consists of rectangles of different colors. Among the most famous Abstract artists were Pablo Picasso and Theo van Doesburg. Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter who was known for many Abstract artworks such as Head. It was made with colored pieces of paper that were cut and pasted on a piece of cardboard. Theo van Doesburg was a Dutch artist who was the founder and leader of the De Stijl movement. He was known for Abstract artwork such as Composition VII, which was composed of colored rectangles and squares on a black background.


Fun Facts

  • Abstract art had many variations which were developed in different countries.
  • Cubism is a form of Abstract art that was developed in Paris.
  • Neoplasticism is a type of Abstract art.

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