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Adam Jones
Red Fox near Den Entrance photo by Adam Jones

Red Fox near Den Entrance by Adam Jones

Born: NA
Location: Louisville, United States
Died: NA
Movements Nature PhotographyLandscape Photography
Nationality American
Expertise Photography

Adam Jones is a prominent American photographer who specializes in landscapes and nature photography. His work has been featured in various magazines and books, and he has won awards such as the 1995 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest.

Personal life

Adam Jones has worked in photography for over 30 years, and nature and landscapes are his passion. While he is best known for his photography, he is also known for his willingness and desire to help developing photographers improve their skills. Jones divides his time between photographing, writing books on photography, and teaching workshops around the world. He is noted for his adaptable instruction and ability to teach all levels of photography. In 2006, Jones was chosen for The Explorers of Light, sponsored by Canon, and joined the ranks of some of the world’s best photographers.


Some of Adam Jones’ most widely successful photographs are nature images of plant and animal life. However, his portfolio is far more diverse and encompasses all forms of landscape and wildlife portraiture. From the streets of California to the wilds of the African plains, Jones’ camera helps him to analyze the world around him. Jones’ attention to detail and keen eye for the natural world allow him to capture scenes of wildlife few other photographers can manage. In many of his wildlife photographs, it seems as if the animals have posed for the photographer, and the viewer is given a lens into the natural world that would be unattainable without Jones’ photography. Group of Burchells Zebras, Equus burchelli, drinking from the Mara River, Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa shows just how sharp Jones’ artistic eye is. The sharp black and white of the zebras runs perpendicular to the long, nearly symmetrical line of animals drinking from the river. The eccentric pattern of their form catches the eye and draws the viewer into the natural world. The artistic thought and careful attention to detail of Jones’ photography is clearly demonstrated in his nature photography. Wildlife is not the only subject Jones photographs. Many of his photographs taken in the United States focus on landscapes. His photographs of Alaska, for instance, focus on grandiose images of mountains, tree lines, and streams. Seasonal waterfall in Chugach Mountains, Alaska depicts the vibrant greens of Alaskan foliage surrounding white, churning water as it descends from a mountain backdrop. The bold colors and sharp definition of the shrubs and small trees brings Alaska to life for the viewer. Photographs like Seasonal waterfall in Chugach Mountains, Alaska clearly demonstrate why Jones is successful in selling professional prints and stock imagery. Jones’ portfolio doesn’t end with the natural world. His photography also depicts the splendor of cities as well. Oracle Corporation’s headquarters, Redwood City, California depicts the glass sides of three cylindrical office buildings in California. The lighting, reflections of the sky, and large perspective highlight the beauty of human-made structures. Even common houses in average neighborhoods are beautifully photographed by Jones. Victorian style homes, Alamo Square, San Francisco, California depicts a line of homes and highlights the buildings’ unique architecture. No matter the theme, Jones captures his subjects with precision and careful attention to form.

Fun Facts

  • One of Jones’ favorite photos from his workshops is an extreme close-up of a gecko’s eye.

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Some Examples of Adam Jones Photography

Mt Shuksan, Washington USA photo by Adam Jones

Mt Shuksan With Baker Lake, North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA

Coyote Buttes Arizona USA photo by Adam Jones

The Wave Formation In Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon, Arizona, USA

Field of Flowers Washington USA photo by Adam Jones

Field Of Canola Or Mustard Flowers, Palouse Region, Washington, USA