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Andy Warhol
Self Portrait, C. 1978 art print By Andy Warhol

Self Portrait, C. 1978 By Andy Warhol

Born: 09/06/1928
Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Died: 02/22/1989
Age: 58
Movements Pop Art
Nationality American
Expertise Painting

Born in 1928, Andy Warhol was one of the most influential Pop Art artists of the twentieth century. His iconic work plays with themes such as consumerism, celebrity culture, and art itself. Warhol’s work is showcased in galleries all over the world.

Personal life

Andy Warhola, who eventually dropped the “a” from the end of his last name, was born in a poor area of Pittsburgh in 1928. At a young age, Warhol suffered from a neurological disorder that forced him to spend countless hours in bed. While convalescing, the young Warhol enjoyed reading comic books and magazines with lots of photographs of celebrities. These early passions made their way into Warhol’s later art. Warhol’s life was almost exclusively focused on his work, and although he had a lot of friends, he did not seem to be close to anyone in his family. In 1968, Warhol was shot by Valerie Solanas, a feminist who had a disagreement with him over the payment for her manifesto. After suffering that near-death experience, Warhol further isolated himself, but he still maintained a long list of friends that included celebrities such as Liza Minnelli and Yoko Ono. In 1987, Warhol died due to complications from gall bladder surgery.


Warhol earned a degree from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and with this education under his belt, headed to New York City. Within twelve months of arriving in New York, Warhol landed assignments as a commercial artist for clients like NBC, Vogue, and Columbia Records. After his career as a commercial artist was well established, Warhol tried his hand at painting and drawing. In 1952, Warhol’s first solo exhibit was shown at the Hugo Gallery. The exhibit featured Fifteen Drawings Based on the Writings of Truman Capote. In 1956, Warhol was invited to his first group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. The curators had taken note of Warhol’s work and appreciated how his painting used photography-influenced techniques that he had learned as a commercial artist. Warhol produced his most iconic work during the 1960s, and he was a leader of the Pop Art scene. In an attempt to paint something that was the essence of nothing, Warhol began to paint soup cans. His painting Campbell’s Soup Cans was almost as popular as many of his other works, including Eight Elvises and The Shot Marilyns. Warhol began to make films in the 1960s, and in 1966, he made his biggest splash in the film world with Chelsea Girls. Over the course of his career, he made almost 600 films and an additional 2,500 videos. Warhol never slowed down as an artist. He continued to paint, make films, and even create TV shows such as Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes until his death.

Fun Facts

  • The last exhibit Warhol attended was in Milan for his paintings from The Last Supper series.
  • Warhol made shows for MTV.
  • Warhol was featured in an episode of the TV show “The Love Boat.”

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Some Examples of Andy Warhol’s Artwork

Rorschach art print by Andy Warhol


Cow art print by Andy Warhol


Male Fashion Figure art print by Andy Warhol

Male Fashion Figure