Art Movements

Information about the history of famous art movements and associated artists. Contribute your own knowledge also.

Art Deco 0

Art Deco Bio Era: 1920s-1940s Related: Art Nouveau Influencers Tamara de Lempicka Gilbert Rohde Streamline Moderne The Art Deco Movement caught momentum(…)

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Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art 0

Conceptual Art Information Era Known Names Concept art Influencers George Brecht Address (Top Image: “Bright Idea Concept” by Creativa) The Conceptual Art(…)

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Photorealism 0

Photorealism Information Era Late 1960s, 1970s Known Names Super-Realism New Realism Sharp Focus Realism Hyper Realism Influencers Ralph Goings Address (Top Image:(…)

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Landscapes 0

Landscapes Information Era Known Names Landscape Art Influencers Joachim Patenier Nicolas Poussin Annibale Carracci Address (Top Image: “Water Lilies” by Claude Monet)(…)

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Street Art

Street Art 0

Street Art Information Era 1980s Known Names Street Art Urban Art Graffiti Art Influencers Banksy AVANT Keith Haring Address (Top Image: “Urban Hope”(…)

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Realism 0

Realism Information Era Known Names Social Realism Influencers Gustave Courbet Address (Top Image: “Angelus” by Jean-François Millet) Born of tumultuous times, Realism(…)

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Interactive Art

Interactive Art 0

Interactive Art Information Era Known Names Influencers Max Ernst Marcel Duchamp John Cage Allan Kaprow Address (Top image: “NEORIZON“) Interactive art is(…)

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Expressionism 0

Expressionism Influencers Vincent van Gogh Edvard Munch Egon Schiele (Top Image: “Weiches Hart” by Wassily Kandinsky) Expressionism, an art movement that arose(…)

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Rococo 0

Rococo Information Era Late 1700s Known Names Influencers Nicolas Pineau Antoine Watteau Fran ois Boucher Address (Top Image: Rococo was a late(…)

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