Art Styles

Information that describes various artistic techniques utilized by artists throughout the history. Contribute your own knowledge also.

Asian Art 0

Asian art consists of all art movements, art styles and artists of Asian descent. This can include Chinese art, Japanese art, Indian(…)

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Romantic Photography

Romantic Photography 0

Romantic Photography   Information Style Romantic / Natural Lighting Summary Expressing the love between two people Example Life & Time Pictures /(…)

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Glamour Photography 0

Glamour Photography   Information Style Glamour, High Fashion Summary Accentuates the beauty of the human form and it’s accessories Example Laura Tillinghast(…)

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Documentary Photography 0

Documentary Photography   Information Style Documentary, Reportage, Photojournalism, Candid Summary A record of events. Example The plight of Kosovo refugees [1999] by Carol Guzy(…)

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Abstract vs. Surreal Photography 0

Abstract vs. Surreal Photography   Information Styles Abstract vs. Surreal Summary Conceptual points of views. Surrealist example ©2008-2014 gnato Both abstract and surreal photography are(…)

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Retro Photography 0

Retro Photography   Information Style Retro / Vintage Summary Imitating stylings from the past Retro photography creates a distinctive aesthetic to photos,(…)

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Aztec Art

Aztec Art 0

Aztec Art Information Era Known Names Aztec Art Influencers Address (Top Image: “Fantasy Landscape and Aztec Calendar” by Frenta) Aztec art prominently(…)

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Pastel Art

Pastel Art 0

Pastel art Information Era Known Names Pastel Art Influencers Edgar Degas Rosalba Carriera Address , (Top image: “Sun Burn” by Jack Sorenson)(…)

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Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art 0

Graffiti Art Information Era 1970s Known Names Urban Art Street Art Influencers Cornbread Taki 183 Cool Earl Address (Top Image: “City Scrim A”(…)

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Japanese Art

Japanese Art 0

Japanese Art Information Era Known Names Japan Art Influencers Address (Top Image: “Phoenix And Paulownia” by Tosa Mitsuyoshi) Japanese art has an extensive(…)

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Drawing 0

Drawing Information Era Known Names Sketch Caricatures Cartoons Influencers Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn Leonardo di ser Piero da(…)

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