Artist Biographies

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Rex Ray

Rex Ray 0

Rex Ray Bio Born: 1956 Location: Germany Died: February 9, 2015 Age: 58 Movements Pop Art Psychedelic Digital Art Nationality American Expertise(…)

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William Owen

William Owen 0

William Owen Bio Born: 1729 Location: Britain Died: 1825 Age: 96 Movements Realism Nationality British Expertise Portrait William Owen was an English(…)

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Paul Souders

Paul Souders 0

Paul Souders Bio Born: 1961 Location: Carlisle, PA Died: N/A Age: N/A Movements Realism Nationality American Expertise Photography Paul Souders is an(…)

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WAFALO Bio Born: Sept. 2, 1991 Location: Houston, TX Died: N/A Age: 23 Movements N/A Nationality Vietnamese Expertise Photoshop Ink Acrylic Travis(…)

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Cindy Thornton 2

Cindy Thornton Bio Born: 1975 Location: Florida Nationality American Medium Acrylic Paints  Style Storybook Illustrative   About Cindy Thornton (b. 1975) is(…)

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Richard Philips

Richard Philips 0

Richard Philips Bio Born: 1962 Location: Massachusetts Died: N/A Age: N/A Movements Pop Art Hyperrealism Nationality American Expertise Painting Sculpture Film Richard(…)

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Currier and Ives

Currier and Ives 0

Currier & Ives Bio Started: 1834 Location: Newark, New Jersey Died: 1888 & 1895 Movements Realism Nationality American Expertise Lithography Printmaking “Currier(…)

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Ralph White 1

  Ralph White is an abstract artist who brings a lifetime of transformational thinking into his work.  A highly successful executive business(…)

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