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Diane Romanello
Autumn Crossing artwork by Diane Romanello

Autumn Crossing

Born: 1944
Location: New York City, United States
Died: NA
Movements Realism
Nationality American
Expertise Painting

Born in 1944, Diane Romanello is an American painter and landscape artist. Marked by the Realist style, Romanello’s work has a realistic look and many times gives a sense of whimsy.

Personal life

Diane Romanello doesn’t reveal much about her private life to the outside world. Born in 1944 and raised in Long Island, she never took any art classes or had any type of formal training. Romanello has an interest in charitable organizations and works hard to raise money for certain causes. She donates a portion of every sale she makes off a specific painting to an AIDS charity, and she also raises money for several other organizations. She currently divides her time between Florida and Long Island.


Diane Romanello is a Realist with an interest in paintings that inspire emotion in viewers. While living in Long Island, she began creating paintings that highlighted the scenes she saw in her own yard. After spending some time in Florida, she started experimenting with tropical and beach scenes. One of her most famous pieces is Windsong, which depicts a small path lined with colorful flowers on either side. Many of her pieces incorporate flowers and natural scenes, and the artist says she wants to create paintings that make viewers feel like they can step inside them. As her popularity grew, several major companies, including AT&T and Equitable Life Insurance, purchased some of her paintings. Romanello creates standalone paintings, but she also makes Giclee and triptych sets. Giclee images contain embellishments that add texture and a three-dimensional effect to the finished piece, while triptych sets contain three paintings that fit together to make a larger and more elaborate painting. Gentle Breeze is an example of her triptych work. The artist also creates pieces with extra embellishments. Moon and Stars, which was created in this style, depicts a beach scene but also contains a separate piece that fits over the top with cutouts that give viewers only a small glimpse at the painting. Though Romanello continues her artistic work from Long Island studio, she often paints images while living in Florida. One of those pieces is Sunset Sail, which shows a stretch of beach with palm trees and flowers looking out on the ocean and a sailboat off in the distance. Dividing her time between two areas helps Romanello create fresh pieces regularly. Known for her elegant and often romantic landscapes, Romanello remains devoted to her art and helping organizations through her work.

Fun Facts

  • Romanello donated her pieceIdle Hourto raise money for AIDS research.
  • The artist created an original piece for the United Way of Long Island.
  • She leaves brushstrokes in her finished pieces to show viewers the work she put into those paintings.

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Some Examples of Diane Romanello’s Artwork

Azalea Walk artwork by Diane Romanello

Azalea Walk

Sunset Sail artwork by Diane Romanello

Sunset Sail

September Song artwork by Diane Romanello

September Song