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Jasper Johns
Festival D'Automne artwork by Jasper Johns

Festival D’Automne

Born: 1930
Location: Augusta, United States
Died: NA
Age: NA
Movements Pop Art
Nationality American
Expertise Painting

Jasper Johns is an American artist known for his paintings and prints. Born in Georgia, the artist has had a long career, and his work has impacted the Minimalism and the Pop Art movements.

Personal life

Born in Georgia in 1930, Jasper Johns later moved to a small town in South Carolina. Though Allendale wasn’t a large city, Johns admits that it inspired him to move to a town where people appreciated art. He gained admission to the University of South Carolina, but he dropped out. He joined the army after college and spent some time at a station in Japan. Johns has lived in New York City for most of his adult life, forming close relationships with other artists resident in the city. He had an especially close friendship with Merce Cunningham, and the two collaborated on art projects. Johns continues to live and work in New York.


After moving to New York, Jasper Johns found work as a commercial artist, but he craved the freedom he associated with creating his own pieces. In the mid-1950s, Johns began experimenting with what would become the Pop Art movement. He created the piece White Flag, and he later created a similar piece titled Flag, which showed the classic colors of the American flag. Though Johns has experimented with sculpture, he is better known as a painter and a printmaker. Painted Bronze is one of the few sculptures he made, and the piece looked like two simple beer cans. Johns believes in pushing the boundaries and creating conceptual art that doesn’t look like anything made before. In the 1970s, he tried attaching three-dimensional objects to the canvas to add texture and a new dynamic to his work. Johns also believes in using found objects in his designs, and he sometimes add texture by using objects from his studio as a stamp. Jasper Johns also draws inspiration from artists he admires. After seeing a piece by Marcel Duchamp, he started work on Walkaround Time. Though the two pieces are quite different, when viewing John’s piece, Duchamp’s influence is clearly evident. Johns continues pushing the boundaries of art today. Though well into his eighties, he continues producing art and experimenting with different methods of art and painting. His work is part of many museum, private, and corporate collections, and he remains devoted to creating art that makes people think. The unique pieces he made in the past influenced the world of Minimalism and helped start the Pop Art movement.

Fun Facts

  • Johns designed several window displays in New York City early in his career.
  • One of his paintings has a unique round design that he made with a can he found.
  • Johns was once the artistic director for Cunningham’s design company.

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0 Through 9 1961 pop art artwork by Jasper Johns

0 Through 9 1961

False Start 1959 pop art artwork by Jasper Johns

False Start 1959

Passage c. 1962 artwork by Jasper Johns

Passage c. 1962