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Taj horse equine animal photo by Tony Stromberg


Born: NA
Location: United States
Died: NA
Age: NA
Movements Realism
Nationality American
Expertise Photography

Tony Stromberg began his photography career in advertising. He left it all behind and turned to photographing nature instead. Stromberg is now one of the leading horse and nature photographers of the century.

Personal life

Tony Stromberg remains quiet about his personal life, encouraging fans to focus on his work instead of him. The photographer graduated from high school and college before working in the advertising field. Although he enjoyed the work, he had trouble keeping up with the demands of his work environment. After noticing how calm and peaceful he felt outdoors, Stromberg decided to walk away from his job and become a nature photographer. He now has his own studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and enjoys riding and spending time with horses.


Stromberg switched from commercial photography to nature photography at the turn of the 21st Century. Over the course of his twenty-year career, he has shot advertising campaigns for companies such as Apple and Wells Fargo. After quitting his job, he moved from California to New Mexico and began documenting horses. The photographer believes in creating images that evoke feelings in the viewer. He often takes pictures of specific horses, such as in Palomino, but also incorporates human figures into his canvases, as in Headin’ Out. Additionally, he experiments with shading and light, creating photos such as Ghost Horse, which makes an ordinary horse look like something from another world. Stromberg often chooses to photograph his subjects in the wild instead of posed positions. This allows him to capture the wild and untamed spirit of the animals. The photographer recently segued into the world of writing, penning the books Spirit Horses and The Forgotten Horses. The latter documents abused and neglected horses. Stromberg wants the book to bring attention to the plight of those animals. When not writing, the photographer enjoys experimenting with his camera. He tries to capture the unexpected moments in his life, which is clear in his photograph Unexpected Visitor, which shows a horse peeking around the side of a trailer at the camera. Stromberg’s work with horses and his talents behind the camera have made him one of the leading modern nature photographers.

Fun Facts

  • Stromberg published a book about horses in 2008 co-written with Academy Award-winning actor and director Robert Redford.
  • Despite being known for his equine photography, Stromberg didn’t spend time around horses until he was an adult.
  • Stromberg has an interest in the rehabilitation of injured horses and the therapies provided to help these horses.

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Bad Girls horses animals photo by Tony Stromberg

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