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Artist Spotlight: Normal Rockwell & Classic Americana

Celebrated as “the Dickens of the paintbrush”, Norman Rockwell has held a place in the hearts of Americans for more than half of a century. His nostalgic paintings are clad with warmth, humor, and even the occasional surprise. Today, we’re shedding light on some of Rockwell’s lesser known accomplishments and sharing a few tips on how to warm up a room with Rockwell artwork. Things You Probably Don’t Know About Norman Rockwell He received the Presidential…

How Not to Pay Millions of Dollars for Art

Can you imagine buying a single piece of art for $35 million? If you’re part of the majority, you’re likely to say, “No way!” Last year, London art gallery the Tate Modern purchased John Constable’s painting “Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows” for that whopping amount. For all of us who don’t have the means to own actual masterpieces, we bring you the next best thing: your very own versions of the greats. Explore what John Constable…