Bathroom Decor Idea: Decorate With An Elegant Bar Cart

Put A Bar Cart in Your Bathroom

Bar carts are definitely on-trend and even if you’re not looking for a new home for your libations, a bar cart can serve as a unique and stylish storage solution. Check out how’s Director of Merchandising for Home Accessories, Linda Crisolo tried this trend in her own bathroom.Bar cart sitting in a bathroom; bathroom decor idea

Decorate with gilded insects and faux succulents to add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise functional space.bog close up

Faux flowers can provide a low-maintenance pop of color to your bathroom bar cart.

pop of color

The handlebar of a bar cart is the perfect place for hanging hand towels. Roll and stack extra towels on  lower shelves for easy storage and accessibility.critter

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barcartandplant                Succulents In Ceramic Container                                         Vilato Deco Accent Table


                Hand Forged Gold Insects                                    Orchids – Orchid Pink Phalaenopsis 13″

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