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Bedroom Style Refresh in 5 Easy Steps

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s where you spend the majority of your time when your not frantically answering life’s busy demands. But the bedroom tends to be easily overlooked when it comes to decorating.

Revitalize your bedroom style for the seasons ahead with nature inspired décor and fresh accessories that will leave you feeling reconnected and recharged in five easy steps. Here’s how…

Bedroom Décor with bedroom, blankets and framed art.

1. Choose Art Inspired By Nature

Try wall art that features elements inspired by the outdoors for a sophisticated spin on a modern rustic look.

2. Mismatched Night Stands

Break century-old tradition that says nightstands have to match. Choose individual nightstands that speak to your unique style. Because they’re different, you’ll be able to arrange décor and personal items in different ways adding intrigue to your space.

3. Go Low With Décor

Don’t be afraid to decorate with chic accents below eye-level. Beautiful displays of multi-colored vases on a night stand shelf or a large floor pouf makes the room feel grounded and cozy.

Bedroom Décor

4. A Catch-All For Your Room

Perhaps the easiest quick-fix for a room that gathers tabletop clutter. Adding a catch-all to a nightstand or dresser looks chic while allowing you to store small knickknacks in a safe place.

5. Add Layers Of Comfort

When it comes to the bedroom, comfort is absolutely key. Achieve maximum comfort and style by arranging various colored pillows and textured throw blankets on the bed. Don’t fret the perfect pile  pair various shapes and sizes for a modern laidback look.

Bedroom Décor


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