Artist Spotlights

We See You, Vincent Van Gogh

What do we know about Vincent van Gogh? He’s rumored to have sliced off his earlobe with a razor in a manic frenzy. That’s the first thing that comes to mind for many. It’s dramatic, unfathomable and obviously quite memorable. But there’s speculation as to whether that’s how things really played out that night with Paul Gauguin inside that yellow house in the South of France. There’s even mystery shrouding Vincent’s untimely death at the… Insider Kira Wampler: Monet’s Gardens

My new role at has me on the road meeting with our team, and it was hard to pass up the opportunity to connect with our fabulous crew in Venray, Netherlands. Combining that with spring break meant a family trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. As we planned the trip, we thought a lot about what kind of experience we wanted our family to have. We’re not big on “see everything in a day…

Palm Springs Architecture Eye Candy

Just a few hours east of Los Angeles, picturesque desert scenes and mid-century architecture create the landscape of a destination known for style. Palm Springs has remained a hot spot for designers, artists and celebrities for over a century. Senior Designer, Guillaume D. recently went to Palm Springs to visit the iconic architecture, now known as desert-modernism, made famous by prolific American architect Albert Frey. Camera in hand, Guillaume set out to see the…

Artist Spotlight: Normal Rockwell & Classic Americana

Celebrated as “the Dickens of the paintbrush”, Norman Rockwell has held a place in the hearts of Americans for more than half of a century. His nostalgic paintings are clad with warmth, humor, and even the occasional surprise. Today, we’re shedding light on some of Rockwell’s lesser known accomplishments and sharing a few tips on how to warm up a room with Rockwell artwork. Things You Probably Don’t Know About Norman Rockwell He received the Presidential…