Design Tips

Creative Ways to Update Your Home’s Busiest Rooms

High-traffic areas tend to collect the most clutter (wear and tear too). These simple decorating tips help you streamline those spaces while adding eclectic oomph. Best part: it’ll cost you less than redesigning a whole room. DO Set the tone with a textured rug. Texture hides dirt and gives the room a stylish foundation. Mix real plants with life-like greenery. Low-maintenance. Need we say more? Try multi-functional pieces, like tall poufs, that double as…

Don’t Be Scared: Clashing Patterns Create Interest

Through the years I’ve collected comforters dotted with tiny-star prints, polka dot dishes and even a chevroned shirt or two. But now that I’m attempting to redefine my home’s aesthetic (and gut it of “pre-partner” décor), I’m wondering what I should give away in hopes of a more unified space. I was initially tempted to ditch anything with too-loud of a pattern, assuming that the more bold pieces I toss, the more of a blank…