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Color Trend: Gilver & Greige

Gold + Silver + Gray + Beige That’s the equation of the latest color trend to emerge on the home décor scene. We’re breaking it down with stylish art and accessories to put you ahead of the curve. Muted metallics and a neutral palette create a polished look with just a touch of sparkle. Mixing these soft, shimmering shades is the key to achieving a look that goes beyond traditional gold and silver pairings. Look…

Tapestries as Wall Décor

Textile wall décor is on the rise and modern designers are taking their tips from the renaissance era. While medieval tapestries were used to bring warmth to lofty spaces, today’s tapestries are beautifully woven works of art. Rich texture gives alternative wall décor an alluring quality that creates a unique focal point in a room. Create a modern, bohemian look by styling a space with décor in mixed materials. On-trend tapestries allow you to play…

Bright White: The Perfect Backdrop for a Pop of Color

When it comes to styling with bold color, we admit it can be scary to commit to art and décor that really packs a statement. Here’s how we’re taking a blank slate to the next level with styling that requires minimal effort – without sacrificing your peace of mind. Pops of color paired with bright-white is an everyday way to integrate bright hues without being overwhelming. Modern white furniture looks clean and fresh when paired…