Coastal Dining Room Decor Style - Get Inspired

A Coastal Inspired Dining Room

It’s time to abandon the food and wine themed décor in the kitchen. Summer entertaining calls for a style refresh  and we’re looking no further than the coast for inspiration.

Achieving the perfect coastal vibe starts with creating a relaxed feel. Evoke tranquility using décor in muted teal and ocean-blue shades for a nuanced beachy look. Try a new take on coastal wall art with pieces that depict the striking forms of jellyfish or seas fans avoid tired trends like seashells.

Coastal decor imagery wall art collage in a kitchen

Make dining room seating ultra-inviting with plush pillows that add a pop of color. Dining table looking a little barren? A ceramic water pitcher and fresh seasonal fruit make the perfect display for any time of day. Place white wine glasses out just before guests arrive for a festive, party-ready touch.

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Water pitcher and jellyfish framed art for coastal dining room decor

                       Colby Water Pitcher                                           Spa Jellyfish Art Series

Serenade pillow and rope jar for coastal dining room decor

                           Aqua Serenade Pillow                                                   Admiral Rope Jar


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