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Decorate with the Photos You Love – Photos to Art

If you’re looking for fresh decorating ideas for bedrooms, you might be surprised how much you can accomplish with your own collection of cherished photos. Favorite snaps of people and places you love can quickly and easily transform your bedroom into a space that’s uniquely you.

Getting Started

Try these easy ideas to transform your snapshots into art and put your memories on display…

  • Pick your favorite photos: the ones that really resonate with you and tell the best stories.
  • Choose a color palette: creating a gallery wall with all black and white photos is one tried-and-true decorating idea. It’s hard to go wrong here!
  • Try hanging a series of three photos from the same day or vacation; finding three that convey the passage of time works especially great as a bedroom idea.


Once you’ve chosen your images, select materials that will best complement your space. You can frame your photos, mount them on wood, or you can print them on everything from canvas to acrylic, so don’t let finding the right material to complement your existing bedroom décor or future decorating ideas be a challenge. It’s fun and full of possibilities! Find what works best in your space.

Put Memories On Display

The final step is a snap: after choosing your photos and the right look for them, upload and place an order using Photos to Art. Your finished creations arrive ready to hang. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your new private art gallery.

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