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The San Francisco Showhouse We Wish We Could Airbnb

The only thing better than getting lost in Pinterest home décor ideas is seeing it come to life in a real home. Sure, showhouses aren’t exactly “lived in” but they do give you a great idea of what some of the décor and art you covet would look like in real life. An extra plus: showhouses let you envision your fantasy life free of real-world clutter. Imagine that!

And on that note, we bring you inspirational photos of a few of our favorite rooms from the lovely Decorist Showhouse which opened for one day only in San Francisco this month. Every room was designed by the pros using Decorist’s personal home design platform. Ahem, we were responsible for some of the fabulous artworks shown in the photos below.


Playroom - at the Decorist Showhouse. Rabbit framed art picture in the playroom. Pinterest home decor idea.

Above: “Pet Portrait I” by Chariklia Zarris. Photo credit: Decorist

Splashes of neon, plenty of textures and casually placed accents make this space inviting and contemporary. Adding animal art adds surprise and a cheeky sense of playfulness. Find more animal art here and see how it can turn up the fun factor of any nook in your home. at the Decorist Showhouse. Living room wall art gallery with various art styles. Pinterest home decor idea.

Above: “Muah” by Nelson Viera, “NY 1201” by Jennifer Sanchez, “Daily Geometry 10” by Tilman Zitzmann, “Zen Blue” Limited Edition by Maria Lobo, “Brooklyn Bridge No 7” by Eva Mueller, “Stylized Eagle” from the Pop Ink Collection, and “Feather IV” by Anthony Tahlier. Photo credit: Decorist

Learn how to nail a great gallery wall to create a modern space like the one above, and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match different styles of art. Photography, Pop Art  and abstract paintings pair quite well when curated with care.


Bedroom at the Decorist Showhouse in San Francisco. Framed matted wall art picture in bedroom space. White walls room image. Pinterest home decor idea.

Photo credit: Decorist

Come back soon to discover more ways to make your space shine, and follow our friends at Decorist on Pinterest for a continuous flow of amazing home décor photos. Having your own dream home is surely closer than you think.


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