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Family Photos as Wedding Décor

More and more couples are striving to find ways to personalize their big day. One creative way to do this is by displaying different generations of family wedding photos.

Not only is it a beautiful way to share a bit of family history with your guests, it’s also a great way to honor loved ones who aren’t able to attend your wedding.

We’re taking a closer look at how it’s done with’s PR & Communications Manager, Naomi Weisenberg who used’s Frame Your Art service to add this very personal touch at her own wedding.fya1

“We gathered photos from our grandparents, parents and sibling’s weddings. It was really fun to see all the vintage wedding fashion, and take a walk down memory lane with our family as they recalled stories from their weddings,” Naomi shared.fya2

“I chose a variety of different sized frames, with the largest ones reserved for our parent’s wedding photos. Using Frame Your Art, there were a huge variety of frames, mats and style options. I opted for classic black to keep the focus on the photographs.”fya-wedding-1

Naomi created a beautiful display for the framed wedding portraits at her reception by adding candles, seashells and flowers to compliment the weddings aestheticfya-wedding-2

“For most brides, free time is hard to come by leading up to their wedding. Creating this photo display was easy, quick and added an incredibly sentimental element to our space that everyone enjoyed.”

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