Gift Ideas: 7 Masterpieces That Crushed It at Auction

Gift Ideas: 7 Masterpieces That Crushed It at Auction

Salvator Mundi, that unassuming Christ figure attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, just shattered the price ceiling for art sold at auction. The final sales price tag? A whopping $450.3 million—and to one very privileged “unknown” buyer.

The good news for us average people is that you can purchase a beautifully framed print of this High Renaissance jewel today. In fact, it’s already topping the art aficionado gift-giving charts.

But not every art lover on your list will fancy the smoky severity of this High Renaissance master. So we put together a collection of the most expensive art sold at auction* from seven major genres. The best part: You can purchase ready-to-hang framed prints of each work—for yourself or others—on right now.

This is art with a built-in story.



You don’t have to be a billionaire to appreciate fine art. And, you don’t have to be an art historian to get gifting right for the artsy people in your life. Just consult this list or the 2017 Gift Guide for the season’s top categories. When it comes to gifting, Art Means More.

*The prices for this piece were adjusted for inflation based on this Wikipedia list.

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