History-Changing Gift Ideas: The Women In Art Collections
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History-Changing Gift Ideas: The Women In Art Collections

Gifting art means more, but do you need a degree in interior design or art theory to select the right pieces for someone else? No. You can use the 2017 Art,com Gift Guide for one. We’ve put works into various thematic collections to help you win the holidays. There’s something for everyone: the Animal Lover, the Globetrotter, even the Zen Master.

However, if you’re the type who likes statement gifts—not just in terms of what you give, but why—consider these new curated Women in Art collections. You might just alter the course of history.

Select a grouping based on the design aesthetic favored by your art lover, or mix and match to create your own eclectic collection.

Beautiful Bolds 
For the lover of abstraction and all things Mid-Century Modern. This collection includes three fierce female artists from the famed Abstract Expressionism movement: Sonia Delauney, Lee Krasner, and Helen Frankenthaler.

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Passionate Pastels

For the nature-loving art aficionado who favors soft colors and a strong mix of talent. This Women in Art collection unites George Sand (born Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin), Georgia O’Keeffe, and Gwen John in pastel perfection.

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Striking Selfies

For the fierce feminist or progressive member of the patriarchy who wants to remember the women that art history sometimes forgets. This early homage to the selfie includes self-portraits by Artemisia Gentileschi, Tamara De Lempicka, and Frida Kahlo.

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Ruby Reds

For the art collector with a flair for the fiery. This red-themed assemblage includes an array of subjects and styles by trailblazers Berthe Morisot, Eileen Agar, and Suzanne Valadon,

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Tried and True Blues

For the decorator who favors cool blues inspired by the natural world. This series of works boasts a range of evocative scenes by female painters Georgia O’Keeffe, Mary Cassatt, and Suzanne Valadon.

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The gift of art is personal. But it can be even more meaningful when it helps elevate a cause or shines a light on a societal inequity. To us, that’s the eclipsing of women in art history. If you feel the same, join us as we endeavor to right wrongs and restore talented female artists to their rightful place in the record books.

How can you help? Explore our growing catalog of women in art and share our #WomenInArt posts far and wide. Together we can change history.

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