Holiday Decoration Disasters

Holiday Decoration Disasters

Sometimes decking the halls isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We’ve collected disastrous stories that won’t end up in any Hallmark movie – to help you feel better about your own holiday disaster!

Tabby vs. Tree

“My mom is SUPER into Christmas trees decorating, and has a few hundred dollars worth of decorations. Last year we spent a few hours making sure they were perfectly placed, and it took about thirty minutes for the cat to knock the tree down, destroying a fair few irreplaceable ornaments.”

Thanks A Lot, Amazon

“I ordered the perfect plates and napkins to serve my friends and family — they had little candy canes on them along with a message about the season. Well guess what? I was shipped two dozen plates that said “Happy Retirement!” I returned them, but I still had to use plain plates for my party.”

DIY Disaster

“I tried to go DIY last year to save some money, and I made my own glitter ornaments. They took forever and looked really good, so I was proud of them when I finished — until I realized I had glitter on every surface of my living room. I was finding pockets of glitter until March!”

Inappropriate Additions

“My family puts one of those Christmas villages together every year. This year, my cousin added a few of her own toys and nobody noticed, until my mom posted photos on Facebook. Immediately, people were asking why we had Elmo and Santa living next door to each other! Now it’s a tradition to let the kids add their favorite toys.”

Lights Out

“My husband isn’t the handiest guy, but he tries. The first year we hung lights at our first house, he managed to blow a fuse, fall off the ladder, and tweak his back. He was fine don’t worry, but we definitely didn’t get any lights up that year!”

You don’t have to suffer through these décor disasters.This year, find art-inspired details with us — no installation required!

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