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Home Organization Secrets: Serious & Not So Serious

Have you ever pushed all of the dirty dishes to one side of your kitchen sink before hosting friends so that it looks like less of a mess? Have you ever pinched crumbs off of your coffee table instead of wiping it down with a rag? If it makes you feel better, no one keeps a perfect home – not even the employees at art and décor e-tailer Art.com. Here, they share a few home organization confessions, tips, and tricks for your reading enjoyment.


To keep my junk drawer navigable, I . . . 

“Only open it quarterly.” – Tiffany Haas, Senior Email Marketing Specialist 


IMG_7051To make my home look cleaner than it is, I . . . 

“Always make the beds and try to arrange (not-quite-dirty) clothes in orderly piles on the beds.” – Liz Story, Control Buyer 


“Light my favorite scented candle because guests will be so overwhelmed by the delicious smell of salted caramel popcorn that they will immediately be transported to a smell paradise and won’t even notice the clutter.” – Brittany Burchfield, Web Developer



The most organized part of my home is . . .

“My home office, which is great because my desk at work is a disaster area. I put shelving tracks on every wall so I could create shelves of varying heights that I can adjust as needed. Everything has a place.” – Debra Weitzel, Senior Associate of Merchandising 


“My closet. It reduces the amount of time to get ready in the morning when I’m usually in a rush.” – Tess Hsiung, Control Buyer 


“Our detached storage area. It’s surprisingly the most organized area in our home. Inspired by a store backroom, I have a Google Doc with all the items in storage along with descriptions of where to find them. I’m a “Ctrl+F” away from finding any item. This beats rummaging through boxes.” – Melissa Saliba, Product Manager 



To keep clutter at bay, I . . . 

“Always put items back from where they came from.” – Hana Yoo, Project Coordinator


“Try to compartmentalize the similar items. For books, stack them all on top of each other (biggest ones go to the bottom of the stack). If there are boxes, I bust out my Tetris skills and pack them into a corner. For smaller things like desk toys, I’ll line them up in neat little rows.” – David Anaya, Lead Web Developer



The messiest part of my home is . . . 

“The living room, unfortunately. Because apparently the male members of the house think that since this is the first room they walk through after school and work, it’s also automatically a dumping ground for all and everything. They also apparently think we have a maid.” – Jaime Crandall, Assistant Buyer



Have any home organization confessions of your own? Do share in the comments below.








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