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5 Decorative Items That Keep You Organized

Tired of hiding clutter in clear plastic boxes? Keep those out of sight in the garage. For everyday organization, we suggest investing in a few stylish staples that look as good as they are helpful.


Woodtrays as home organization decor ideas Luca Wood Trays, Art.com, home organization decor ideas

Dupas Trays                                                                        Luca Wood Trays – Set of 2


Tray Sets

Fill trays with odds and ends to help clean up clutter. Keep one on your coffee table for a growing collection of remotes or place one on an entryway table for items you toss the minute you get home.


Glass decorative bottles (yellow, red, purple) as home organization decor ideas  Mosaic glass as home organization decor ideas

Lindsey Decorative Bottles – Set of 3                         Sea Green Brown Mosaic Glass Bottles – Set of 3


Decorative Bottles 

If you find a set that’s food-safe, use them for staple ingredients like flavored olive oils. You’ll feel fancy every time you use them!


Ribdy Ombre Vase for home organization decor ideas            Blue Dotted Vase for home organization decor ideas          Large Cinnamon Vase for home organization decor ideas

Rigby Ombre Vase            Marine Blue Polka-Dot Vase           Large Cinnamon Vase 



Be bouquet-ready with a new vase. Try filling them with different organic elements throughout the year, like evergreen sprigs around the holidays, or get crafty and serve dinner guests chopsticks or flatware from a short vase.


Amber Gold Lidded Jar Set, Art.com, for home organization decor ideas Wood Topped Ceramic Vases, Art.com, as home organization decor ideas


Amber Gold Lidded Jar – Set of 2                         Beth Kushnick Wood Topped Ceramic Vases – Set of 3



Lidded jar sets can help organize bathroom essentials like cotton balls or cotton swabs. The vase set on the right (above) can be used functionally without their toppers or as décor when you’re fresh out of flowers.


Thoro Wood Bowl, Art.com, as home organization decor ideas         Glacier Teardrop Dish, Art.com, as home organization decor ideas

Thoro Wood Bowl                                                                 Ombre Glacier Teardrop Dish


Decorative Bowls 

Having guests over shortly? Clean up entertainment areas by tossing personal items like keys, phones or wallets in decorative bowls. You’d be surprised by what a little consolidation can do for your space when you only have time for a quick clean-up.

What’s your most creative idea for keeping your home clutter-free?


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