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Hygge for the Holidays

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish lifestyle concept that’s taken the world by storm. An untold number of on-trend home decorators have endeavored to replicate this nod to Nordic culture in their own homes—especially around the holidays as more people tuck in for the winter.

Wait, how do you say it again? We won’t confuse you with all the wrong ways people are pronouncing this popular lifestyle aesthetic. Instead, here’s an easy way to get it right, every time: Just think of the “ooooga” sound made by an old-timey car horn. And add an “h.”

The Art of Designing with Hygge

Coventry Dove Pair

 If this is the first time you’re hearing about this Scandinavian way-of-life-turned megatrend, let’s talk basics. Hygge is essentially a Danish word that attempts to describe a feeling akin to comfort and coziness. And by that we mean, there’s no English equivalent for the word. It’s something you have to experience to truly understand.

So how can you incorporate this concept into your design repertoire?

Do this: Picture yourself relaxed and sitting in front of a toasty fire on a cold, winter day. There’s a mug of something delicious to your right and a sleepy puppy curled up on a fuzzy rug to your left. A warm light from the fireplace and hearth candles flickers and dances around the room. You’re immersed in a satisfying bit of translucent wonder. This is hygge. It’s a sensation that washes over you when you’re nestled in and steeped in contentedness.

How to Harness the Essence of Hygge for the Holidays

Winter in Forest Snow

The Danes are some of the happiest people on earth. Is this because of hygge? We can’t say for sure, but we do know that it’s something that can make the cold winter months spent indoors, more satisfying. So, in the spirit of hygge, here are some ideas for creating cozy, comfortable places in your home—for the holidays—and beyond.

Keep It Simple and a Little Rustic. Select art and statement pieces that look and feel natural.

Thoro Wood Bowl

Turn Up the Heat. Create a warm ambience with candles and mellow lighting, especially if you don’t have a fireplace.

Mini Glass Votive Holders

Get Touchy-Feely. Fold in an array of throws and pillows that not only feel good to the touch, but add texture to your space.

Tilda Throw

Embrace Nature. You’ll be spending more time indoors, so add art and décor that brings the outside, in.

Philo Leaves Root Ball

This is hygge. Can you feel it? It’s a wondrous bit of natural bliss that you can experience any time, but especially during the holidays when you’re gathered with friends and family in the toasty nooks of your home.

Now you just need a cup of Glogg (mulled wine) and some Frikadeller (meatballs). Skal (cheers)!

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