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Inspired By Indigo

Decorating with indigo and navy blue has proven to be a style trend with staying power. It seems every where we look indigo is taking over as a hue for creating chic bohemian spaces with maximum impact. Deep navy furniture pieces paired with ocean blue accents offset warm reclaimed wood accessories.

Room with Indigo throw pillows and couch bedding, and indigo wall art hanging on the wall.

Add intrigue by creating a gallery wall with art featuring varying shades of indigo, navy and cobalt. Choose a piece of artwork with a little added warmth like peach, orange or gold for a look that’s sophisticated and also inviting.

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Paisley Mandala Throw Pillow Bogo Teakwood Bowl complementary Indigo Décor.                     Paisley Mandala Throw Pillow                                      Bogo Teakwood Bowl

 Alena Blue Vase and Wall Art featuring Berry Branches in Navy & Gold Indigo home Décor.                    Alena Blue Vase                                           Berry Branches in Navy & Gold     

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