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Living Room Ideas: Art for Small Spaces

Moving into a new home is a perfect time to update your interior to reflect your style, from wall colors to furniture to accessories. Getting started on your new home interior design project is exciting, but what do you do when your new space is smaller than your old one?

It’s All About Personality

San Francisco-based interior designer Steve Justrich, an Inspiring Insider, says, “the living room is ALL about personality—and it’s wide open in terms of how you express yourself.” The first step to good design for small spaces is carefully deciding which pieces express your personality, and the possibilities are endless.

Instead of purchasing one large artwork to center above the couch—the one-and-done approach to living room design Justrich calls “tempting, because then you’re done,” the designer recommends going bolder.

Create Impact With Art

Justrich favors a fearless approach to selecting art for living room décor. He recommends choosing a single wall and starting at the center, with one artwork as the focal point. Scale it appropriately for your small room. Then, add other pieces of varying sizes to the right and left. Justrich says, “it’s not necessarily important to form a straight line with the tops or bottoms of the frames—this is what makes it dynamic,” and says to “keep frames and mats simple.” Choosing artworks that express your personality will give your home a defined style—that’s what makes it feel like a home.


Adding accent pillows, throws and accessories in colors that complement chosen artworks will carry the color palette, mood, and personality you’ve created with your art choices throughout your space. No two people will have the same living space and art is an incredibly impactful home decorating tool for creating a stylish living room.

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