For Color-Shy Decorators: Learn How to Incorporate Marsala Into Your Space

How Color-Shy Decorators Can Work Marsala Into Their Homes

You could be bold and paint an entire accent wall the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, or you could opt for something a bit more subtle. We get it. Not everyone wants to lather their homes in every color of the moment, but there are a ton of sneaky ways to add a tinge of Marsala to your space while still making a big impact.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute gives us the scoop, “Marsala is an extremely versatile color, not only in home decor but within the framework of the ultimate home accessory – the art piece itself – as the rich, grounded hue lends itself to both a traditional space or a contemporary setting.”

Read on to learn how to “Marsala-fy” your space. These tips are bold enough to make a splash yet sophisticated enough to create a lasting decor style that works well regardless of the season.


marsala pillowVogue Print,

Brilliant Solid Pleated Pillow                                            Vogue Cover – March 1932 


Pile a few Marsala pillows onto a lonely love seat for instant impact. Tie the look together with a new framed print that includes a pop of the popular color.




Essentials Graphic Coral Tray 


Keep your coffee table organized with these colorful nesting trays. Geometric patterns add another point of interest while still allowing the bold hue to shine. 


Abstract  Vogue 2

“Venustas” by Joshua Schicker                                      Vogue – February 1933 


Hang an abstract and portrait-style print side-by-side in an overlooked area for a mini Marsala gallery wall that will completely change the mood of the room. 

Sun Dance Framed Art Print, Wall Decor by

“Sun Dance” by Anna Polanski                                                        Athena Gold Leaf Circle Metal Wall Decor


Or, if you’re still feeling a bit color-shy, tone it down even more.

Enhance a photograph in Marsala-sepia shades with metallic wall decor and furniture. The Marsala theme will be faint, but on-trend nonetheless.

Gold Tables by

Aurora Accent Tables


For more Marsala art, explore the gallery I created with Leatrice. It’s chock-full of great ideas!




  1. It’s interesting that we are still in the same color hue as last year – eggplant purple vs. Marsala. Lisa, do you think that people over at Pantone are just depressed, and therefore, everything looks purplish?

  2. You know, Pantone did take some flack for this pick. I’ve heard it called a “tired burgundy” by more than one color pundit. But although we’ve been hanging out on the purple side of the spectrum for two years now, we see some differences from 2014’s Radiant Orchid. In comparison to the vibrant, almost electric pink – purple of RO, Marsala is luxe and dignified. While RO was a great color for fashion, Marsala is a shade that makes more sense at home. We all love neutrals for décor, and this is a color that feels anything but depressed when accenting a neutral space!

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