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New Artists That Excite Us for 2018

At, we’re lucky to have our eyes on the incredible world of art. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with something we love so much, to celebrate art every day, and to be a part of creating inspiration in your home. This year we’ll welcome and share even more new artists and new artwork that excite us than ever before. But first, we’d love to spotlight some of our latest and greatest to kick things off.

Valda Bailey

Water. Light. Growth. It’s ideas that inspire Bailey, not concrete objects, which is unusual for a photographer. With roots in the natural world (see the photo of White Horses above), her work utilizes multiple exposures and calculated camera movement to blur the lines between details and create abstract shapes. The end result is a stunning collection of photo art that read more like paintings. Best of all, all the work we have from Bailey are exclusive to, so you can’t find them anywhere else.


Naomi Taitz Duffy

Color. Pattern. Geometric forms. These are the building blocks of Duffy’s oeuvre. The exploration of hue, tone, and chromatic intensity are just a few of the things that help define her body of work. Art lovers attracted to simple shapes with complex emotions will fall in love with these room-transforming pieces. The circular shapes in particular are representational of organic biology, and the miracle of humanity on a cellular level. Each new piece takes on a new concept with the artist’s bold, simple shapes.


Steven Maxx

Steven Maxx is a man on a mission: to capture the world as he sees it, perhaps with a little more magic. From black and white to blazing with color, his work captures his theory of “the art of noticing.” With an eye on the everyday, Maxx turns bridges and staircases into snapshots of beauty. Whether your space could use some landscapes, seascapes, or something a little more out there, check out his wondrous body of work.


June Erica Vess

Midcentury shapes define the world of June Erica Vess. If you’ve already got a living room full of sleek, simply designed furniture, her Scandinavian style is the perfect finishing touch to add to your walls. The colors in these pieces are subdued, but never boring. From her home in Richmond, Virginia, Vess illustrates her very own world — won’t you visit?


Ricki Mountain

Self-described as an “artist + designer + maker + geek,” Ricki Mountain is a powerhouse of modern art. From glitch art to abstracts, her work captures an amazing range of color and mood. Starting with a career working at an art publisher, she crafted her own style at night, bringing in submissions each day until her coworkers started paying attention. We’re proud to be one of the carriers for this dreamer’s multimedia collection.


Jan Weiss

Jan Weiss is a Bay Area artist who is close to our home and close to our hearts. From digital to acrylic, she embraces all art styles to capture the passion apparent in her creations. Each series we’re presenting offers a new and fresh look at the natural world. For example, the “Earth Layers” series captures organic tones and textures, all in a circular shape that represents a colorful globe.


Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis is a self-taught artist who comes naturally by her talent for self-expression. Having lived everywhere from Wales to Australia to Southeast Asia to Texas, she’s placed a part of her personal experience in to each and every painting. Despite her rich life experience, her work tends toward simplicity in color selection and subject matter, making it accessible to every level of art lover.

With so many art styles represented in this selection, there’s something for everyone to discover this year, and we can’t wait to see all the art that 2018 will bring!

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