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Artist Spotlight: Normal Rockwell & Classic Americana

Celebrated as “the Dickens of the paintbrush”, Norman Rockwell has held a place in the hearts of Americans for more than half of a century. His nostalgic paintings are clad with warmth, humor, and even the occasional surprise. Today, we’re shedding light on some of Rockwell’s lesser known accomplishments and sharing a few tips on how to warm up a room with Rockwell artwork.

Norman Rockwell Classic Americana artwork for The Saturday Evening Post


Things You Probably Don’t Know About Norman Rockwell

  • He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977. About 30 years later he became the official state artist of Massachusetts.
  • For more than 47 years, Rockwell painted for The Saturday Evening Post. He created 321 covers for the reknowned publication.
  • The Saturday Evening Post exhibited Rockwell’s Four Freedoms series in a national tour, which raised a total of $130 million. The publication also published excerpts of the artist’s autobiography that he wrote with his son.


When & Where to Decorate with Rockwell Prints 

  • Anywhere family gathers over the holidays. Let Rockwell’s inspiring imagery influence new memories.
  • Kitchens and breakfast nooks. Let one of Rockwell’s pieces inspire the room’s color palette.
  • Scattered among your own family portraits for a clever twist on the presentation of group photos.

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