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Our Top 5 Moments of 2015: What’s New at Art.com Inc.

Curious to hear about what Art.com Inc. was up to in 2015? Take a peek at some of our biggest events, latest product launches, and proudest moments.

1. In April, we expanded our wide selection of unique product offerings to include art on wood, which highlights the beauty of natural wood grain beneath a range of favorite art prints, and art on metal, art printed on reflective aluminum for a lustrous, modern look. Both new product types offer unconventional takes on classic and contemporary works of art.




That month, we also furthered our commitment to supporting art education and inspiring the artists of tomorrow by continuing our Art Sparks Learning campaign. Since it’s inception in 2012, Art Sparks Learning has donated hundreds of pieces of art to schools in both the U.S and U.K.

2. In May, Arnaud Collin joined our family of brands as General Manager of leading photography-hosting and e-commerce website Zenfolio. The former eBay executive and photo-industry leader will expand the brand into additional international markets while continuing Zenfolio’s strong track record of success in product innovation, marketing, and business operations.

3. In August, we gave customers a new, color-focused way to find art they love for their home. By combining the basic principles of color theory with our latest interactive tools the Art.com community can now find art that works for their wall color, color schemes and more.



4. In October, our innovation division, Art.com Labs launched an exploratory product: a digital art-viewing device called Klio.  Art enthusiasts can now experience the wonder of digital art at home, something that was previously only enjoyed online or as art installations in galleries. Each device includes more than 300 pieces of digital art from artists around the world and can be controlled via the Klio™ iOS App.

5. We capped the year with the launch of another exciting new service called Frame Your Art, which allows customers to frame the art and photos they already own easily through the mail. With free shipping both ways, world-class fast service, and a simple, affordable pricing model, custom-framing art prints, unstretched canvas, and photos is now more hassle-free than ever.


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