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Palm Springs Architecture Eye Candy

Just a few hours east of Los Angeles, picturesque desert scenes and mid-century architecture create the landscape of a destination known for style. Palm Springs has remained a hot spot for designers, artists and celebrities for over a century. Senior Designer, Guillaume D. recently went to Palm Springs to visit the iconic architecture, now known as desert-modernism, made famous by prolific American architect Albert Frey.

Camera in hand, Guillaume set out to see the desert through the eyes of Albert Frey.
Photo of Guillaume and Palm Springs desert
Albert Frey's Palm Springs home in California

Though Frey designed numerous homes and buildings in Palm Springs, none encapsulate the charm of the surrounding desert quite like the home he built for himself. Nestled into the hillside over looking the city, Frey’s 800-square-foot home is inspired (and open to) the elements.

Cascading glass windows open the tiny home to an infinite landscape. But the most prominent feature? A giant boulder that jets out into the middle of the open floor-plan. Frey used the boulder as a deign element in the space and it serves as a natural divider for the sleeping area.

“This home usually isn’t open to the public. I had the opportunity to view and photograph the home during Palm Springs Design Week,” Guillaume told us.
Inside of Albert Frey's Palm Springs California home, built in 1964Robert Frey’s home in Palm Springs built in 1964
Wooden clock built into Albert Frey's home  Cactus close-up, Albert Frey's home in Palm Springs California  Photo of Palm Springs desert
A wood clock built into the wall at Robert Frey’s Palm Springs home

While Palm Springs carries a legacy for being a mecca for innovative modern architecture, Guillaume reassured us we don’t need to pack our bags and head to the desert to appreciate it.

“Visiting Palm Springs has opened my eyes to modern influences they can be seen all over California if you just look.”

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