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Mesmerizing Patterns Found In Nature

You don’t have to visit a museum to appreciate art when it’s already all around you. Pay attention to your environment, and you’ll see the creativity in everything! Here, we share a few of our favorite photographs of art and patterns in nature.


Peacock Spider

PeacockSpiderman, YouTube


Peacock Spiders

Known for their wild dancing and flamboyant colors, Peacock Spiders truly are the show-offs their names imply.


Clown Fish

Photographic Print by Michael Nolan 


Clown Fish

Nemo may have made them popular, but these little guys were fascinating far before stardom.


Mojave Desert Sand Dunes

Mojave Desert Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park” by Adam Jones


Mojave Desert Sand Dunes

Seemingly endless stripes paint the Mojave Desert with an undisturbed pattern.


Succulent Spirals

Succulent with Spiked Leaves” by Micha Pawlitzki



There are thousands of unique species of succulents out there, many of which have their own distinct characteristics. This one, shown with a zoomed-in view, highlights the plants seemingly never-ending spiral.


Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona

The Blue Sky Over the Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona


Antelope Slot Canyon

Beams of light give depth to the striations of the burnt-orange sandstone of this Arizona landmark.


Tell us! When have you observed art in nature?

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