John Constable Designs & Not Paying Millions for Art

How Not to Pay Millions of Dollars for Art

Can you imagine buying a single piece of art for $35 million? If you’re part of the majority, you’re likely to say, “No way!”

Last year, London art gallery the Tate Modern purchased John Constable’s painting “Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows” for that whopping amount.

Framed art print of Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831 by John Constable
“Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows,” 1831

For all of us who don’t have the means to own actual masterpieces, we bring you the next best thing: your very own versions of the greats. Explore what John Constable has to offer on, choose a painting that’s perfect for your space and add a custom frame to make it truly your own (at a teeny fraction of the cost of the real thing).

An autumnal landscape framed art print by John Constable
“An Autumnal Landscape at East Berholt,” 1805-08
Framed art print of judge's walk hampstead circa 1820 by John Constable
“Judge’s Walk Hampstead,” 1820
Framed art print of a view near arundel 1837 by John Constable
“A View Near Arundel,” 1837
Framed art print of Rainstorm Over the Sea by John Constable
“Rainstorm Over the Sea,” 1824-28, Oil on Paper Laid on Canvas

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