Serenity Blue vs. Rose Quartz Décor Face-Off - Get Inspired

Serenity Blue vs. Rose Quartz Décor Face-Off

When Pantone announced the 2016 color of the year in late 2015 we were shocked to be treated to not one, but two honorary hues: Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz.

While the pair is meant to be thought of as a single “Color of the Year,” we can’t help but want to favor one over the other. Since these hues set the tone for the year’s biggest trends, we’re looking at how we can easily and stylishly incorporate these colors (individually) into our home décor repertoire.

Styling With Serenity Blue

Home decor and wall art room decoration examples that accentuate Serenity Blue color design

There’s no doubt that this hue creates a serene sense of calm in a room. Art featuring Serenity Blue shades along with plush décor like a textured rug and throw blankets make any room feel airy and comfortable.

Styling With Rose Quartz

Home decor and wall art room decoration with Rose Quartz accentuated color design

This rosy shade creates warmth and gives a room a polished look. This color can easily be incorporated in subtle ways by adding a rose colored throw pillow and styling a space with small pink tinted table accents.

Bonus: Rose Quartz pairs perfectly with golden metallics.

The Verdict

While there may not be a clearly decided upon winner when it comes to these shades, it’s safe to say that incorporating one (or both) of these colors into a room creates a fresh, sophisticated appeal. Using varying shades of each will look chic and help to avoid looking too much like a gender reveal party. Which shade do you prefer?

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