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Style Refresh: Spring Greenery

There’s no better season suited for a style refresh quite like spring. Outside new life is blooming in vibrant shades of green, and when it comes to reviving your space, trust us fresh plants are just as uplifting indoors.

Create a look that’s effortless to maintain and full of vitality. Pair live plants with wall art featuring faux succulents for an ultra-lush feel. Easily accomplish the look of a living wall without sacrificing longevity.Spring decorations home decor with green wall art, plants, plants and home accessories. Learn how to create a balanced look for your space.

Enhance the space with pottery and jars in mixed materials using hues inspired by Mother Nature. Incorporate earthy wood-finished décor for a room that’s both stylish and inviting.

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Faux succulents wall garden wall art and ashby blue grey bubble jar for your spring home decor. Learn about spring decorations to create a balanced green look.

                  Faux Succulents Wall Garden                              Ashby Blue Gray Bubble Jar

Kensington metal baskets and quito teak woodstool for your spring home decorations decor. Learn how to create a balanced nature look for your space.

                      Kensington Metal Baskets                                   Quito Teak Stool

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