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Decorating with Stylish Reclaimed Wood

Decorating with reclaimed wood can feel like a tricky undertaking. Does too much wood look too rustic? Does decorating with wood mean that you need to adopt a coastal theme in your space?

The beauty of decorating with reclaimed wood is that it can be both modern and rustic (without a coastal theme). Here’s how we’re incorporating beautiful wood furniture and décor into our space to create a unique look that’s perfect for summer entertaining.

Home Décor examples of using reclaimed wood to decorate your space

A teak end table makes a subtle statement while serving as a surface for colorful jugs and vases. And reclaimed wood isn’t limited to just furniture hang a wood framed mirror or framed art piece to create a focal point in a room.

Make the look really pop with patterned pillows and a richly textured rug for a sophisticated and worldly vibe.

Reclaimed Wood Décor Furniture

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