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The Year of the Dog: A Celebration of Pups in Art

They say every dog has his day. And if you follow Chinese astrology, those born under the Year of the Dog are about to get 365 of them. Beginning February 16, 2018, we bid adieu to 2017’s crowing Rooster and honor everyone’s honest, faithful, easy-going, four-legged friend: The Dog. To kick off the festivities, we’re doing a quick virtual retrospective featuring some of our favorite canines in art history and their painterly pals, followed by…

Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Famous Artists

Different, colorful, eccentric—all descriptors one might use to politely describe artists who buck traditions, defy conventionality, and sometimes even violently reject the status quo. And why is that? Because, as humans, we’re naturally both perplexed and awed by those who blatantly ignore societal norms. We’re drawn to the bold souls who not only march to the beat of their own drum, but douse said drum with gasoline, light a match, record video of the ensuing…