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Gift Ideas: 7 Masterpieces That Crushed It at Auction

Salvator Mundi, that unassuming Christ figure attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, just shattered the price ceiling for art sold at auction. The final sales price tag? A whopping $450.3 million—and to one very privileged “unknown” buyer. The good news for us average people is that you can purchase a beautifully framed print of this High Renaissance jewel today. In fact, it’s already topping the art aficionado gift-giving charts. But not every art lover on your…

8 Inspiring Holiday Gifts for Art Lovers

Finding that perfect holiday gift is tough to begin with, and when you’re shopping for someone with distinct taste the challenge can be even greater. Here, we’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting to all the art lovers on your list. 1. Turn photos into personalized art.  Personalization and photo gift ideas are everywhere these days. We’re all better photographers because of our smartphones, but we rarely do anything with our photos (aside from…