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The Year of the Dog: A Celebration of Pups in Art

They say every dog has his day. And if you follow Chinese astrology, those born under the Year of the Dog are about to get 365 of them. Beginning February 16, 2018, we bid adieu to 2017’s crowing Rooster and honor everyone’s honest, faithful, easy-going, four-legged friend: The Dog. To kick off the festivities, we’re doing a quick virtual retrospective featuring some of our favorite canines in art history and their painterly pals, followed by…

History-Changing Gift Ideas: The Women In Art Collections

Gifting art means more, but do you need a degree in interior design or art theory to select the right pieces for someone else? No. You can use the 2017 Art,com Gift Guide for one. We’ve put works into various thematic collections to help you win the holidays. There’s something for everyone: the Animal Lover, the Globetrotter, even the Zen Master. However, if you’re the type who likes statement gifts—not just in terms of what…

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby—Except with Abstract Expressionism

I recently visited a semi-major metropolitan city for an Abstract Expressionism exhibit. I was pumped for the art, but also for the chance to introduce my non-art-history-fanatic boyfriend to the first modern art movement to embrace women. We stepped into the special exhibition hall and I went into my customary manic art appreciation mode, rushing around the room and exclaiming in a hushed voice, “That’s a Philip Guston!”, “Check out that Rothko!”, and “This Clyfford…