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Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Famous Artists

Different, colorful, eccentric—all descriptors one might use to politely describe artists who buck traditions, defy conventionality, and sometimes even violently reject the status quo. And why is that? Because, as humans, we’re naturally both perplexed and awed by those who blatantly ignore societal norms. We’re drawn to the bold souls who not only march to the beat of their own drum, but douse said drum with gasoline, light a match, record video of the ensuing…

Leonardo da Vinci: New Work from a 500-Year Old Artist

Update: Salvator Mundi has just sold at auction for a record $450 million! Here’s the news via the New York Times. Nearly five hundred years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci is still front-page news. Not only does a new, highly-anticipated biography come out from Walter Isaacson on the 17th, but da Vinci is on the market again with at least one rediscovered piece. One incredible rediscovered painting that will shortly be up for auction…