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New Artists That Excite Us for 2018

At, we’re lucky to have our eyes on the incredible world of art. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with something we love so much, to celebrate art every day, and to be a part of creating inspiration in your home. This year we’ll welcome and share even more new artists and new artwork that excite us than ever before. But first, we’d love to spotlight some of our latest and greatest… Insider Kira Wampler: Monet’s Gardens

My new role at has me on the road meeting with our team, and it was hard to pass up the opportunity to connect with our fabulous crew in Venray, Netherlands. Combining that with spring break meant a family trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. As we planned the trip, we thought a lot about what kind of experience we wanted our family to have. We’re not big on “see everything in a day…

Mesmerizing Patterns Found In Nature

You don’t have to visit a museum to appreciate art when it’s already all around you. Pay attention to your environment, and you’ll see the creativity in everything! Here, we share a few of our favorite photographs of art and patterns in nature. PeacockSpiderman, YouTube Peacock Spiders Known for their wild dancing and flamboyant colors, Peacock Spiders truly are the show-offs their names imply. Photographic Print by Michael Nolan  Clown Fish Nemo…