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Tips And Tricks For A Cozy Holiday Home

It’s the most wonderful time of year! That means making your interior extra welcoming, whether for out-of-town guests or just to capture the magic of the season for yourself. Here are our top tips for creating a cozy holiday home, the easy way.

Start With Scent

It just isn’t the holidays without the smell of snow, trees, and gingerbread! Pick out a holiday candle and find a corner for it on a beautiful mirrored tray or made-over cart. The air will smell festive before you can say “what’s that wonderful smell?”


Speaking Of Bar Carts…

A festive cocktail always goes down smooth! It’s easy to rethink your bar cart for the holiday season with a few switch-outs. Try new cocktail stirrers, drink coasters, or champagne buckets, and don’t forget to put some decorative elements or twinkle lights in one part of the house all your guests are sure to stop at.

Choose A Theme

It doesn’t have to be obvious, but keeping a theme in mind like “Silver Bells” or “Santa’s Workshop” will help you keep your decorations on theme. If you don’t have a theme in mind, try picking out a favorite holiday movie aesthetic or sticking to a simple color palette.

Keep It Classic

Holiday trends come and go — but some purchases last forever. Find something that can be packed away for next year, or even left out until the next holiday season. Choosing simple winter colors like white, grey, gold, and silver will stand the test of time.

Snuggle Stations

You can’t go wrong with a cozy throw blanket or pillow — especially when you have one in every room! Create cozy little “snuggle stations” on every chair or bed, and you’ll find yourself curling up more often to enjoy the winter weather.

We’ve got all the holiday décor and more you’re looking for this year, so when it’s time to create a cozy holiday vibe, think #BeyondTheTree and make sure you start with

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