Decorating Dos: Creative Ways to Update Your Busiest Rooms

Creative Ways to Update Your Home’s Busiest Rooms

High-traffic areas tend to collect the most clutter (wear and tear too). These simple decorating tips help you streamline those spaces while adding eclectic oomph.

Best part: it’ll cost you less than redesigning a whole room.


Colorful Living Room Art & Home Décor


  • Set the tone with a textured rug. Texture hides dirt and gives the room a stylish foundation.
  • Mix real plants with life-like greenery. Low-maintenance. Need we say more?
  • Try multi-functional pieces, like tall poufs, that double as end tables to maximize use in small spaces.


An Eclectic Kitchen Clad with Art & Home Kitchen Décor


  • Choose 2-3 colors to weave throughout the room for a unified look. Most people have kitchen gadgets in a range of colors and styles, so this simple suggestion helps to keep it cohesive.
  • Store everyday ingredients in beautiful containers to make functional fun.
  • Hang art a foot or more above countertops so that it’s far from food. You’re investing in art to love over a lifetime, so make the extra effort to protect it when hanging in areas where people (and food-slinging babies) eat.


Artfully Decorated Bedrooms with Home Decor items


  • Balance out lighter color palettes in the bedroom with dark frames for a more dynamic look.
  • Mix and match textured linens and bedding to avoid the flat look of hotel bedding.
  • Keep nightstands clutter-free so your thoughtfully selected décor accents can truly shine!

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