Personalized Wedding Gift Surprise for Our Coworker

Our PR Pro Got Engaged! We Surprised Her With A Personalized Wedding Gift

Naomi knew it was coming. She’d showed James a ring she liked online, and not long thereafter she’d noticed it had sold. My coworker Lisa and I joked, “Maybe someone else bought it. Maybe James missed the boat!” We found out later that he didn’t end up buying that ring, per se, but he didn’t miss the boat either.


Naomi & James

A few months later, James planned a weekend away for the two of them. Two nights in a cabin at Glen Oaks in Big Sur, California, a few bottles of wine and a reservation for two at a restaurant nestled deep in the redwoods. That Friday at work, we wished her luck and asked if she thought it would happen. “Probably,” she’d said with a smirk.


Naomi & James Get Engaged; co-worker showing off wedding engagement ring

Sure enough, James asked Naomi to marry him and, of course, she said yes! She was so excited when he asked that she threw the small box to make room for a hug and admired the ring later.

Monday, we congratulated her as she showed us a few photos from her romantic weekend away. When she left our shared office to make her lunch in the kitchen, Lisa and I conspired on an idea! We grabbed her phone before it locked, sent ourselves a few of her photos and used our SwitchArt™ Magnetic Frames & Prints App to create a personalized wedding gift – rather, an engagement gift – for our friend.


SwitchArt iPhone App,

Having worked on the development of the app, we were eager to give it a whirl ourselves.


SwitchArt magnetic prints and frame as a couple's wedding gift

A week later, we received Naomi’s SwitchArt™. (Hopefully both her and James like the photos we chose!) brand professionals surprising co-worker with surprise wedding gift

Here, Lisa and I try to be sly!


Co-worker opening mystery SwitchArt wedding gift from

Photo op! Naomi never saw it coming.


Co-worker enjoying SwitchArt frame & print wedding gift

To say the least, Naomi loved the gift. In fact, she joked that she was going to wrap it back up and give it to James for their anniversary. (Also, Lisa and I get the award for Best Coworkers of the Year.)

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